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    Hire Our Balloon Service

    There’s no better way to set the mood for a party or festivity than with balloons! With the right colors and designs you can really set the mood for your celebrations. Our team specialize in providing you with top quality balloon sculptures, bouquets, centerpieces, garlands, columns, and various other designs. We’re based in El Paso, TX and are available to decorate all types of celebrations, including corporate events, retirement parties, birthdays, graduations, grand openings, wedding parties, bar mitzvahs, and much more! All you need to do is get in contact with us, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll work out all the details and get you set up with the best balloon decorations El Paso TX has to offer!


    Professional Balloon Decorator for Events and Parties

    Setting the tone for your event can be difficult without the right decorations, and balloon decorations work for pretty much all events! You can start today by contacting us and discussing options with one of our consultants so you can find out what will make your event exciting. 

    Our goal is to provide your events with the decorations that will make everyone able to enjoy themselves and make sure the vibe is right. We always do our best to ensure that we have smooth customer service so we can get our customers exactly what they need and want for their parties. The balloons we use are the best quality and are ideal for setups meant to last for a while.​

     With our services you won’t have to worry about balloons wilting or losing air, because we use top-of-the-line balloons and know exactly how to construct each design so it lasts as long as possible whether they be balloon columns, balloon arches or balloon bouquets.

    The list of options is long when it comes to choosing balloon decorations, that’s why you should get in contact with us as soon as you can so we can get started on planning the right decoration plan for your party!

    Balloons for Corporate Events

    grand opening balloons El Paso tx

    If you’re looking for the right decorations to spice up a corporate event, you’ll want to go for something that will catch the eyes of your guests and help as good conversation prompters. And what better what to do that than with some colorful balloon structures? Hiring our balloon decorating specialists is a sure way to get your event to stand out, as we don’t only design the décor of the balloons for the event, but the installation services are swift, quality, and affordable, making us the ideal choice for anyone looking for quality balloon decorations in the El Paso area.

    Balloon Decoration El Paso TX

    Whether is a balloon arch, balloon garlands, balloon arches, balloon bouquets, or any other kind of balloon decorations, you can be sure that’s we’ll deliver the best quality you can find anywhere in El Paso.

    We’re proud to say that our business is locally based and run right out of EL Paso, TX, and we are eager to provide our services to all the incredible people here. We aim to brighten up your events and bring color and life to them so that they’ll be events that all the people in attendance will remember fondly for a long time to come.

    It’s never an easy task to make a corporate event warm and inviting, but with our help you won’t need to worry about a thing!

    Check out what clients say

    "My wedding balloon decorations were stunning. From our beautiful balloon backdrop to the balloon drop at the last minute of our first dance. I could not have asked for more!"

    Katherine S.

    "My anniversary party decorations were absolutely amazing!  All we had to do is to pick the colors and style of balloon wall for photos and for a doorway arch. The rest was taken care of! We are so pleased and are ordering our grandson's birthday party decor already."

    ​Susie H. 

    "Great service and the most amazing balloon decorations! ceiling balloons for my baby shower were such a statement piece.  I will definitely use their services again and I would recommend them to everyone!"

    ​Clair F.


    Wedding Balloons

    In the recent past more and more weddings have been making use of our professional wedding balloon decoration skills, as we make killer wedding balloon centerpieces that are a real hit all over El Paso. A well crafted balloon wall with carefully chosen colors that compliment a wedding’s themes and color schemes can really accentuate the romance and whimsical vibe that you’d want at a lovely wedding, and more and more people are realizing this and making use of our services.

    Balloon Arches and Garlands

    Take advantage of our flawless, unique balloon decorating skills to get your party off the ground and create the ambient you desire with some of our stunning balloon garlands and balloon arches. We specialize in creatively using layers and a combination of various balloon sizes, shapes and colors to simulate depth and bring some drama to the room. Balloon garlands look great when adorning bannisters, doorways, and especially entrances.

    One great thing about having balloon garlands installed that they’re fixed installations which won’t flutter around, making for a reliable decorations piece that will last you steadily throughout the entire event. Garlands and arches made from balloons are a fantastic addition to both outdoor and indoor gatherings and events, bringing with them an undeniable festive spirit.

    The possibilities of what you can use a good balloon garland or balloon arch for are endless. But just to mention a few, we’ve got:

    ·        Gender reveal Balloons arches

    ·        Balloon arch for birthday party

    ·        Balloons for quinceanera

    ·        Retirement Party Balloon Arch

    ·        Business party Balloon Garlands

    ·        Church event Balloon Garlands

    ·        Corporate Events Balloon Garlands

    ·        Welcome Home Balloon Garland

    ·        Balloon Garland for Wedding

    ·        Balloon Garland for a Bridal Shower

    ·        …and those are just a few of your options!

    With our help, you’ll be able to find out exactly what you need for your celebration and we’ll take care of the rest. Get in touch with us today and get your balloon decorations for your party or special event!

    Balloons for Baby Showers and Bridal Showers

    There are a whole lot of reasons you might want to get some professional balloon decorations for your party, but when it comes to throwing a baby shower you really want to put your best foot forward for the new little member of your family who’s on their way. Having a new baby arriving is an exciting and blessed time that should be celebrated properly with a fitting party.

    That’s exactly where El Paso Balloon Decoration Pros come in to save the day. We’d be more than honored to help you set the stage for a cheerful and happy event with our expert balloon decoration skills.

    birthday balloon decor El Paso

    Working hand in hand with our specialists, you’ll be able to hand-pick the types of balloons and structure designs that you think would fit the occasion best, and then we get to work delivering the decorations that will give your party that boost in festiveness.

    Likewise, bridal showers are an exciting event which herald a new era and celebrate your love for your soon-to-be betrothed. An event like this deserves elegant balloon arches and centerpieces to adorn the entrances and walls so everyone in attendance can really forget about their troubles and enjoy themselves in a proper party atmosphere.

    Our centerpieces have been one of the most popular requests for both baby showers and bridal showers. The configurations of balloon sizes and colors can give a completely different kind of vibe to your party space, but the structure of each centerpiece is sound and beautiful and will add character and life to your parties.

    Balloon Backdrops and Walls

    Another feature that we’re proud to have in our arsenal of services is the balloon wall. We use big backdrops—about 7 or 8 feet tall—and set them up with loads of balloons in an arrangement that will pop out and look more festive. These can be used for multiple reasons, such as photoshoots at weddings and birthdays, or simply as a great backdrop for an awesome party, grand opening, corporate event, birthday, or baby shower.

    Whatever the theme of your party, we’ll be able to match the color and balloon style to it and serve you with that piece that was missing to complete your party decorations. The balloon walls are in high demand, so get in touch with us as soon as you can so you can get yours secured for your party!

    balloon backdrop for events El Paso

    Recently more and more people have also been ordering balloon walls and balloon backdrops for virtual parties that they host over zoom or skype. So if you’re planning a virtual party with your friends and loved ones, we can provide you with a gorgeous balloon wall that you can set behind you as a little festive boost to put you all more in the mood for a party! We carry out touchless balloon drop offs to any of our clients and can ensure 100% quality and efficiency in all our work.

    So contact us today! We look forward to being able to provide your parties with a little joy and life through our balloon decorations.

    Why Choose Us

    Have you been planning a party and been wondering what you can do to really make it stand out from all the others? Well that’s what you hire professionals for, and as the best balloon decoration company in El Paso, TX, you’re best bet is to hire us.

    We’re not just a lot of hot air either, we’ve got years of experience on the job, putting together balloon structures and balloon decorations for countless different events and parties, working with multiple color schemes and catering to the needs of many different customers.

    There will always be the option of doing it yourself and you may think “Hey! This will save me a little money!” But when it comes down to it, that can be a lot riskier than hiring professionals. Balloons take a while to blow up, and the art of putting them together in an enticing, attractive way doesn’t just come overnight. Our specialists have spent countless hours perfecting their craft so we can bring the best quality decorations to our customers. So if you want to get quality, you can count on us rather than risking botching something up on your own.

    So what are you waiting for? We’re available today to start planning the decorations for your party! All you need to do is give us a call or fill out the form on our website to get in contact with us so we can get started. We look forward to working with you!

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